Challenge - Vision – Rationale - Execution
Our heartland; working closely with the client team to define their challenge, to create robust and exciting future brand, design and product visions — along with compelling justification to gain buy-in — and then help them execute their strategy within the company.


Best practice – Trends - Insights
Providing client teams with rich, useful ‘food’ that enables them to make their creative leap from a firmer and higher start point: best practice, relevant trends and forecasts, and powerful insights from research in specific areas relevant to the client challenge.


Exploring – Realising
Considering potential design implications, exploring directions these might best take, and then realising these as initial design ideations in 2D or 3D digital form.


Experiences - Co-creation
Curating experiences that bring clients into direct contact with relevant stimuli and people, and co-creations sessions with other creatives.


Insights – Surveys - Audits
A qualified external view on client issues; headline expert insights, large customer surveys, and rigorous audits for brand, design, product and perceived quality.


Talks – Classes – Events
Delivering engaging talks to a range of audiences, ‘master-classes’ to elevate in-house know-how, and design contests and seminars to engage with new ideas and audiences.

“Car Design Research worked very closely with me to develop a new Design Strategy for Volvo cars that we’re rolling out now. Their work was clear and visually strong for us to use in Design, but also had the commercial substantiation valued by our management team.”

Thomas Ingenlath
CEO Polestar, Previously Chief Design Officer, Volvo

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